La Praiola Beach Terrasini

La Praiola Beach Terrasini is a sandy beach reached by a staircase with about 100 steps. At the bottom of the steps are coin operated showers. There are volcanic rock cliffs around La Praiola beach coastline. La Praiola beach Terrasini is 15 minutes from Palermo Airport in Terrasini and 30 minutes from Palermo.

Palermo Airport is 15 minutes driving to La Praiola Beach Terrasini
TerrasiniPalermoVacation is 16 minutes walking to La Praiola Beach Terrasini
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16 minutes walking from La Praiola Beach Terrasini is a hotel apartment which sleeps 8 with 2 bathrooms and a full kitchen with dishwasher and clotheswasher and 2 Smart TVs.

Free Coffee, Cappuccino, Tea and Hot Chocolate

The 18 recipe automatic Delonghi PrimaDonna Cappuccino maker with free coffee, cappuccino, tea and hot chocolate is only one of the many conveniences available. Make yourself an iced cappuccino or iced coffee to beat the heat in the air conditioned apartment after your day at the beach and enjoy a Netflix movie with your friends on the two Smart TVs. Cheaper than a hotel for large groups with all the conveniences for a relaxing vacation with family or friends or both.

Terrasini Beach Activities

La Praiola Beach in Terrasini is only one of many beaches you can explore in Terrasini. There are many Terrasini Beach activities including boat excursions with appetisers, drinks and snorkeling in exclusive coves around Terrasini. Most excursions are about 50 € per person and you choose if you want a private boat, a boat like the one in the video below with about 15 people or a larger boat with about 50 people which also hosts parties on the weekends which you can participate in.